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Recycle The Past    OR    Start From Scratch

A New & Fun Opportunity From Recipe Publishers…DIGITAL COOKBOOK FUNDRAISERS

We take old fundraiser cookbooks and convert them into new digital cookbooks!  There is NO upfront costs, and there is NO need to form committees and spend weeks or months compiling recipes. We will take your old printed cookbooks or files and re-create them into an electronic-book (e-book) format. You have a choice to keep the layout the same or update it with our modern technology, which allows us to offer some new options, while keeping the integrity of the original cookbook.

You can choose from some of our creative design-templates, and add full-color to your pictures and graphics. You can also feature recipe-videos with some of the original recipe authors as they prepare some of these classic recipes with our film crew.  Or, get a whole new generation of cooks and bakers interested by featuring recipe-videos with kids from families involved with the project.

There is NO need to recoup your initial investment first, now your organization can start earning profits immediately. There is NO shipping and handling costs, and there’s NO need of storage space for your inventory. You can sell your digital cookbook as an online download and/or on your own custom designed flash-drive.

We have an E-commerce site that handles the sales and fulfilment of all online download purchases and pays us a small transaction fee.  You have the choice to either pre-purchase flash-drives to sell at your events, or you can direct those sales through our E-commerce site, and a small fee will apply. There is NO need for an accountant or bookkeeper to operate your fundraiser. We will set an amicable pay schedule for your organization to receive a cashier’s check with transaction reports and sales breakdown.

Additional Benefits of Digital Cookbook Fundraisers:

  • Eliminates hard-to-read recipes or pages tearing out of the binding from old and wore out cookbook.
  • Saving paper can help eliminate waste and is better for the environment!
  • The digital pages can include beautiful color pictures and videos that can better display the lustrous entrees or decadent desserts.
  • For those who are uncomfortable with taking your electronic devise into the kitchen while cooking, we offer a single-page print feature that allows you to print one recipe page at a time.
  • The text with digital recipes can be enlarged and backlighted, so you do not accidentally add a tablespoon of salt rather than a teaspoon (your family will thank you!)


Don’t forget that every product must be used to be improved! And purchasing a digital cookbook does not mean you have to immediately throw away your old cookbooks. So open your heart, open your mind, and open your mouth to all of the possibilities digital cookbooks have to offer!


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